FeedbackRig is a SaaS platform used to collect and analyze customer feedback and NPS. Protecting Customer data is our top priority, which is why we use most reliable services and practices.

Server communications

We use HTTPS for all Web Apps, APIs, Web Surveys and resources.
Our Infrastructure runs on Microsoft Azure servers, which are protected by multi-layered security.

Passwords and Authentication

We don't store your password in plain-text or in a retrievable form. Instead, we store password as irreversible cryptographic hash.
Also, Authentication attempts are monitored and in case of suspicious behaviour, we apply rate limiting on all accounts.

Database and Backups

Databases are accessible only by Servers,Apps and services that require access. Access keys and Credentials are never stored in our source code or config files but they are always encrypted. We use separate servers for production and QA environments.
All sensitive information (including passwords, API keys, and IP Address etc) is filtered from our logs.
We do maintain secure backups of important data for a minimum of 90 days. We do not remove deleted data from backups as we may need to restore it, if removed accidentally.


If you have any concerns or discover a security issue, please email us at and we will investigate it.