GDPR Compliance


We at FeedbackRig are fully committed to protecting the privacy of your customers. We have developed our product and solutions using ‘privacy by design’ and ‘privacy by default’ principles.

Consent Collection

FeedbackRig provides you the flexibility if you want to collect any personal information along with the feedback such as Email, in which case it would be obligation of the data controller(our customers/company) to ensure that they have collected consent.

Right to access / Right to portability

FeedbackRig allows their customer to export their data. You can also create a request by sending an email at

Right to Erasure / Opt-out

FeedbackRig also handles Data Subject’s Right to Erasure or desire to Opt-out. In which case you need to send a request at, and we will remove the user's record.

Notification in the event of a Data Breach

We will notify our customers within 48 hours of the discovery of a data breach and also work with our customers to inform Data Subjects of the breach.

Contact Information

Any questions/requests can be directed at