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FeedbackRig-Sticky Feedback

With FeedbackRig you can see customer feedback in your trello boards in real-time.

Learn How it Works

Capture Visual Feedback and Technical Info automatically into your
Trello boards


One-click Integration
with your Trello account

You have total control when to create trello cards
Customize as per your needs.
As easy as a copy-paste

As easy as a copy-paste

Detailed Analytics

Get Customer Feedback
along with Technical Details

See your survey responses within Trello immediately.

Take Action on Customer Feedback

Log Customer Feedback into Trello and take Strategic Action

Track Bugs, Log Negative Feedback and Improvements as trello cards for better management.

Easy to Install

With no technical knowledge required, you can get started with FeedbackRig in just a few clicks.

Works Everywhere

Our Responsive widget allows your customers to give feedback on any device.

AI-Powered Analytics

Discover the source of any issue with full technical details or let our AI bots perform sentiment analysis and find out the areas that need your attention.

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