Integrate with Zendesk

Setup one question feedback widget within mintues and collect feedback using your Zendesk Triggers.

How it Works

Customers receive an email, triggered by Zendesk. They answer the question with a click (or tap) to give their rating and leave a comment if they wish. Customer feedback appears immediately on your dashboard,or sent via notification email, slack alert etc.

1) Create One-Question feedback

Make your emails responsive, choose from variety of controls and methods.

2) Customers take a One-question Survey

You have total control over what information you want to collect.

3) Analyze and Improve

Our real-time notifications and AI-powered analytics will help you analyze customer responses and take strategic actions.

Improve Customer Satisfaction using Email Signatures

  • Create unlimited feedback campaigns
  • Customize appearances , style and methods (Smileys Icons,Five Star, NPS Contorls).
  • Customize thank you text , header/footer and css with your branding and ask for additional comments (optional)
  • Get Real-time alerts on email, your slack channel or convert into trello cards.
  • Use AI-powered anlaytics to extract meaningful key metrices and Key performance indidcators. e.g Most Common Trends, Key phrases , Customer Sentiment Score
  • Measure progress across your teams
  • Invite your whole team to create email signatures/feedback campaigns for each of them.

Why One-question feedback?

No more lengthy survey form

Save Everyone's time

One question feedback allows your customers to click or tap on a single icon, directly from their inbox.

Works Everywhere

We make sure feedback is possible multiple devices. Our Responsive widget allows your customers to give feedback on any device.

Stop Guessing, Start Measuring

Remove the guesswork, and embed our feedback widget to measure customer satisfaction proactively.

Visualize better using Geo Heatmaps

We provide better visualization using geo heatmaps.

AI-powered Analytics

Our AI-analytics do the heavy lifting do identify the trends/problems that need your immediate attention so that you can stay focused on improving your business.

Built for Teams

It's super easy to invite your whole organization and let them create their own feedback campgains.

We integrate with much more than just Zendesk

Take a look at our extensive range of integrations. If it sends email, we can work with it!

Easy to Install

With no technical knowledge required, you can get started with FeedbackRig for Email in just few clicks.

Works Everywhere

Your customers use email across multiple devices so we make sure feedback is possible on all of them. Our Responsive widget allows your customers to give feedback on any device.

AI Powered Analytics

Discover the source of any issue with full technical details or let our AI bots perform sentiment analysis and find out the areas that need your attention.

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