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Integrate feedback widget into your webpage, help topics, documentation or blog.

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Improve Content

Discover what your visitors think of your content and optimize based on their feedback.

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

By acting on your visitors feedback, you can improve your webpage, blog post, help topic etc.

Seamless Integration

Ask one-question survey embedded beautifully into your content within a fully customizable feedback widget.

How does it work?


Create & customize your In-Page widget

Build your widget from your FeedbackRig account. Integrate using copy-paste. No Technical expertise required.
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Collect feedback from users as they browse your content

Embed one-question survey seamlessly into your page. Customize it as per your theme. Support for all popular platforms.


Advance Analytics and Dashboard

With our AI-powered Reporting and Dashboard, get a quick overview of your feedback results at any time. Monitor NPS, analyze live feedback comments, and filter results based on the data that’s important to you. Easily export your results in CSV and integrate with your favorite tools.
Identify Popular Trends

Identify Popular Trends

Discover how your content is performing

Collect insights on specific website content. Collect your visitor’s thoughts and opinions. Discover what your visitors think about your content to ensure you are serving what they want to see.

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