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Quick & Simple Setup

Design your own personalized widget to match your emails and branding. Setup your widget in just a few clicks and start collecting valuable insights right away.
Quick & Simple Setup

As easy as a copy-paste


As easy as a copy-paste.

Add your personalized feedback widget to your email and begin collecting feedback instantly. No technical knowledge needed.


Advance Analytics and Dashboard

With our AI-powered Reporting and Dashboard, get a quick overview of your feedback results at any time. Monitor NPS, analyze live feedback comments, and filter results based on the data that’s important to you. Easily export your results in CSV and integrate with your favorite tools.
Advance Analytics

Integrate Feedback With Email

Collect instant feedback directly from your emails


Embed survey buttons right in your Outlook signatures.

Measure customer satisfaction with the Outlook emails you send. Simple for customers. Effective for you.

Full Customization

Full Customization

We give you complete control

Choose any feedback control that suits your needs. We Support Smiley Icons, Five Star and NPS Controls followed by an open-ended Textbox (you have total control over it).

Easy to Install

With no technical knowledge required, you can get started with FeedbackRig for Email in just few clicks.

Works Everywhere

Your customers use email across multiple devices so we make sure feedback is possible on all of them. Our Responsive widget allows your customers to give feedback on any device.

AI Powered Analytics

Discover the source of any issue with full technical details or let our AI bots perform sentiment analysis and find out the areas that need your attention.

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