Why Customer Feedback ?

There’s a famous saying, “Listen to your customers before they listen to your competitors.” and it’s as simple as that – Customer Feedback removes the guesswork and allows you to validate your product, service, or idea quickly. 

It is always considered as the go-to method to evaluate “how well are you doing.” It gives you detailed insights about your product or service and let you see the pain points from the ‘customer’s perspective’ so you can identify and fix it.

According to the research from PWC– One in three consumers (32%) say they will walk away from the brand they love after just one bad experience, and not all of them will drop off an email about their experience or fill an old-fashioned survey form. 

Therefore, the key is to make customer feedback – part of your customer journey and make this process as smooth as possible. It will give customers the ability to swiftly share their opinion and provide them with confidence that their voice matters. 

Here, we will be listing the top 5 ways to collect feedback from your customers.

1. Survey your Customer using One Question Feedback Widget

The in-App feedback widget is most famous as it allows you to capture feedback proactively instead of the passive feedback button.

It can be embedded in your website, web application, blogs, documentation, and e-commerce website seamlessly.

Feedbackrig (Our enterprise feedback platform) allows you to create a highly customizable feedback widget to collect in-app feedback.
Feedback widget is directly integrated into your website or web app, and it will survey your customers automatically during their customer journey.

  • Feedbackrig doesn’t use annoying popups to collect feedback (that hurts the user experience); instead, the widget is directly embedded and displayed dynamically on your web page.
  • Users are surveyed only once. However, you have total control over how often you would like to collect feedback from them.
  • You can create one question feedback widget and choose from various controls, e.g. Net Promoter Score, Smiley Icons, Five Star.
  • It can be configured to add an open-ended textbox – if you want to collect additional feedback.
  • Feedback can be submitted with just two clicks and in less than 10 seconds.

In App Feedback

2. Collect feedback using Email Signatures

Collecting feedback using email signatures is another smart way to get instant feedback. Here’s how it works:

  • Create a feedback campaign using a Feedbackrig account and copy HTML in your email signatures.
  • Once the HTML is included in the email signature – the user can click on any icon, and the feedback will be submitted (User will be redirected to thank you page. If you have set the campaign to include open-ended comments and some additional information like full name, email, and contact number – you can do so using your company’s portal).

You can embed the smiley icons in Sales, Support, and Marketing Emails to measure how well your team, product, or campaign is performing.

3. Embed Sticky Feedback Button to your Website

Sticky Feedback Button is another popular method to get feedback. Customers will trigger it, and the feedback button will always be visible on your website, app, or blog.

sticky - feedback demo

Another variation of sticky feedback allows your customer to take a screenshot within your app or select any problematic areas and then provide feedback.

4. Collect Feedback using In-Page Method

InPage method allows you to seamlessly embed feedback in your existing workflows, like after a checkout or purchase action in an e-commerce application.

You may also collect customer feedback after they have logged out – the first time from your app. It allows you to evaluate your onboarding process very early in the customer journey and quickly identify your customers’ issues.

In page demo

5. Collect Feedback using One Question Web Surveys

Feedbackrig allows you to create feedback campaigns with short URL so you may share them using any channel (Social Media, Text Messages, Sales Receipts) and collect instant feedback over the web.

Are you using any of the above methods to collect customer feedback?

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