Slack is a powerful tool to coordinate and collaborate with your team in real-time. It keeps everyone up to date with the critical news and events within the company. It has become the industry standard for in-office communication and teamwork. If you are one of the 70K teams using slack for their daily business operations, then we have good news for you – You can turn your slack Channel into a real-time customer feedback stream.

FeedbackRig provides seamless integration with slack, so you can never miss out on vital feedback while working on the front-lines of customer support and user research. Feedbackrig allows you to select various kinds of feedback (negative, positive, and neutral) that you want to stream to the slack Channel of your choosing and as soon as the feedback is received from your customers (it will be available in your Slack Channel).

With our Visual Feedback Tool, you can let your customers report bugs or improvements within your website or app and say goodbye to screenshot apps. The feedback can be 100% anonymous, or you can collect user information (Such as Full Name, Contact Number, and Email).

FeedbackRig allows you to aggregate various feedback campaigns into a single Channel. Anyone from your team or management can keep an eye on customer happiness and see how well you are doing.

How to Integrate your Slack Channel? 

Step-1: Obtain Incoming Webhook URL from Slack

  1. Goto, your slack Workspace, Navigate to “Administration” – > Manage Apps. 

  1. Click Custom Integrations – > Incoming Webhook
  2. Click Add Configuration.
  3. Select your Channel where you want to receive all incoming feedback.
  4. Click ‘Add Incoming WebHooks integration.’

7. Copy Webhook URL

Step -2: Configure Slack webhook in FeedbackRig. 

  1. Goto your Feedbackrig app and Navigate to “Integrations – Slack.”

2. Paste Slack Webhook endpoint.
3. Input channel name.
4. Click on Test Configuration to ensure the settings are working as expected (You will receive a test alert on your slack Channel).
5.Click “Save Settings,” and you are all set.

5.Click “Save Settings” and you are all set.

Congratulations! you have connected your feedbackrig account to your Slack instance. Now, you can receive all incoming feedback in real-time.