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Collect one-question feedback over Web.

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Collect Feedback over Web

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Save Time

No need to go through every feedback you receive, our AI-powered analytics helps you to identify the areas that need improvement.

Increase Revenue

Increase customer happiness by encourage them to provide feedback and suggestions which helps tie them more closely to the business.

FeedbackRig Web Survey

Setup in Minutes

Create one question survey, You have total control over its configuration and works on all devices.
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Highly Customizable

We supports full customization and you have total control over its configuration.

Engage your customers by using one-question survey. Customize how you want to collect feedback, Widget type, Themes etc. You can collect feedback Anonymously, or add custom fields like FullName,Email,Contact etc. Each feedback also comes with a page metadata - device, screen resolution,location etc and more, to give you detailed context and insights.

100% Automated

Improve Feedback Quality and Quantity

Ask the right questions at the right time. With a wide range of targeting options, you can specify when to start and stop the campaign, include open ended textbox,contact details or collect Anonymously.
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Easy Setup and Management

Take full control from your FeedbackRig account

Invite your team members to view and manage feedback campaigns. It takes few minutes to setup and integrate feedback widget, with no technical knowledge needed. We give you full control of your feedback, your FeedbackRig account.Don't want to integrate our widget yourself? No problem! You can send setup instructions along with the script directly from our app to your team member.

Advance Analytics and Dashboard

View, analyze and export real-time feedback

With our AI-powered Reporting and Dashboard, get a quick overview of your feedback results at any time. Monitor NPS, analyze live feedback comments, and filter results based on the data that’s important to you. Easily export your results in csv and integrate with your favorite tools.
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